Razor Sharp Bulkheads

Prefabricated Bulkheads – The easy onsite alternative.

A bulkhead is a section of ceiling that has been dropped and boxed-in or enclosed. Bulkheads are typically used to conceal something. It could be plumbing pipes, electrical wires, duct work, or exhaust fans. It’s a cost effective, professional, low cost solution to a myriad of problems.

Did you know, Classic Ceiling Supplies manufactures “Razor Sharp Bulkheads” right here in South Australia.  Our bulkheads are custom made to a high standard, by professionals with a high attention to detail. Our bulkheads save you time and money onsite, but also support the local manufacturing industry. Our delivery service is an added bonus, delivering to the metro area or greater Adelaide.

Classic Ceiling Supplies offer an excellent range of high-quality vaulted ceilings and razor-sharp bulkheads, perfect for coffered ceilings in residential and commercial properties. They can also be manufactured in a variety of thickness, including  10mm, 13mm, and 16mm  and in a wide variety of plasterboard materials including Wet Board and Impact Board . They’re routed and glued from plasterboard sheets to form clean and sharp angles that can be tailored to suit any specifications. There’s no flushing compounds or metal angles and no extensive framing – all you need is a metal or timber track fixed on the ceiling and wall. We offer an excellent range of standard profiles, including:

  • 30°
  • 45°
  • 60°
  • 90°

Alternatively, we can also supply U-shape profiles to divide a room, cover concrete beams or create a unique architectural profile. Let us know what  you need and we’ll quote to your requirements.

If you need Bulkheads, we have the solution!

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