Razor Sharp Bulkheads

Classic Ceiling Supplies offer an excellent range of high-quality vaulted ceilings and razor-sharp bulkheads, perfect for coffered ceilings in homes and commercial properties. We have a great selection of pre-made bulkheads in 10mm, 13mm, and 16mm thicknesses. These are routed and glued from plasterboard sheets to form clean and sharp angles that can be tailored to suit any specifications. We use no flushing compounds or metal angles and no extensive framing will be required – all you need is a metal or timber track fixed on the ceiling and wall. We offer an excellent range of standard profiles, including:

  • 30°
  • 45°
  • 60°
  • 90°
  • Right angle

Alternatively, we can also supply U-shape profiles to divide a room, cover concrete beams or create a unique architectural profile.