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Cornice Adhesive/Tools

102mm Hyde Joint Knife TT-003

$31.45 inc. GST

Cornice Adhesive 0.5kg

$9.12 inc. GST

Cornice Adhesive 01kg

$12.54 inc. GST

Cornice Adhesive 02.5kg CSR

$20.51 inc. GST

Cornice Adhesive 03kg

$19.03 inc. GST

Cornice Adhesive 05kg

$30.77 inc. GST

Cornice Adhesive 10.0kg Bag

$44.44 inc. GST

Cornice Adhesive 20kg

$47.00 inc. GST

Cornice Adhesive 20kg

$53.56 inc. GST

Large Mitre Box

$151.78 inc. GST

TT-001 Cornice Tool 13mm

$25.29 inc. GST

TT-002 Cornice Tool 20mm

$25.29 inc. GST

TT-004 PlasterX Trowel Flat

$43.76 inc. GST

TT-005 SterlingSilver Fixed Knife

$23.37 inc. GST

TT-006 Foam Sanding Block Small

$6.27 inc. GST

TT-007 PlasterX Mitre Box

$34.19 inc. GST

TT-008 Sterling Blade Dispenser – 10pk

$8.89 inc. GST

TT-009 OX Duragrip Tape Measure

$20.51 inc. GST

TT-010 USG Boral Broad Knife 100mm

$4.22 inc. GST

TT-011 USG Boral Broad Knife 150mm

$5.58 inc. GST

TT-012 USG Boral Broad Knife 200mm

$6.95 inc. GST

TT-013 USG Boral Corner Tool

$4.90 inc. GST

TT-014 USG Boral Mitre Mate DIY

$9.69 inc. GST

TT-015 USG Boral Hand Sander

$20.51 inc. GST

TT-016 Hand Sander Red Large Plus

$32.82 inc. GST

TT-017 Plasterboard Repair Patch 100 x 100

$8.32 inc. GST

TT-018 Plaster Repair Patch 200 x 200

$15.00 inc. GST

TT-019 Sandpaper 120 Grit to match small yellow san

$2.16 inc. GST

TT-020 Sandpaper 150 Grit to suit yellow hand sander

$2.85 inc. GST

TT-021 Wallboard sand paper mesh 110 x 370

$4.33 inc. GST

TT-022 INC-CO 600mm Cornice Large Hand Saw

$42.93 inc. GST

TT-023 Drop Sheet 2.6 x 3.6m Economy WBT

$6.16 inc. GST

TT-024 Paint Brush 38mm

$13.45 inc. GST

TT-025 Cam Buckle Tie Down 25mm x 2.5m Single Strap

$9.12 inc. GST

TT-026 Rachet Tie Down 25mm x 4.2 2 Packet

$30.43 inc. GST

TT-027 Rachet Tie Down 27mm x 4.2m 2 Packet

$40.11 inc. GST

TT-029 Sponge Multi Purpose 180mm

$6.72 inc. GST


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